About Us

We are a St. Louis based real estate investment company specializing in the management of Residential rental property in the city of St. Louis and NE Missouri. Our company's mission is to provide best in class service to residents and owners by taking an innovative and entrepreneurial approach to management. We understand residents want clean, comfortable, safe apartments, and that property owners want a good investment on their property.

We believe in the theory of business 101.

By providing, well maintained apartments with the best possible resident experience, the properties will perform very well for owners. We also believe in listening to the needs of our residents, and responding quickly to service requests.

Areas We Serve:

  • South City
  • Pike County
  • Lafayette Square
  • Shaw
  • Tower Grove South
  • Tower Grove East
  • Southwest Gardens

Contact Us

Frontier Property Management, LLC
1750 S. Brentwood Blvd, Suite 600
St. Louis, MO 63144

Main Office: (314) 932-7004
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